With the British Championships televised and kart racing becoming the School for excellence in Motor racing, we are seeing a much bigger picture for young Karters like Dominic. large teams and Foundations are looking for the next big name in Motorsport and Karting is the arena they all attend for that potential next big Name. Drivers as young as 13 are given scholorships and support from big teams and sponsorship of these drivers can be obtained much cheaper at the start of their careers than when they are a big name Like Vettel or Hamilton. With Formula One growing in popularity every year and the amount of air time and coverage of a potential Sponsors Logo on the top drivers car, this type of Advertising is great value for Money.

But to sponsor Lewis Hamilton's Race Helmet would cost you, I would not even try to guess. If However you saw a potential world champion in Lewis when he was say 9 years old and offered to partner up with him back then, by receiving advertising on his kart and helmet lets be honest it would have been much needed funds for Lewis and the family and the sponsor would of obtained the rights to have their logo displayed through out His career at a much lower cost as they were partners way back before Lewis became more famous. The sponsor would have always been known as the company that backed Lewis Hamilton through his early years and beound.

This type of partnership is exactly what we are aiming to do with Dominic right now. We have already got partners with different packages we have drawn up. And the cost for those partners is very small indeed. It is an ideal situation for us and for them. We make sure that we continue to promote their companies when ever Dominic is in the lime light and are always thinking of new ways to help promote Dominic's profile and fan base which is important. This year Dominic is raising Money for the childrens ward at Addenbrookes Hospital. We hope to present them with a cheque for around £3,000.00 with Dominic in his full race gear with sponsors logos etc. This will be covered by a number of online magazines and local news papers and hopefully with a little more work national news papers. This is again a win win situation for all. The childrens ward hopefully will receive much needed funds, Dominic receives exposure in news papers etc. his partners also receive exposure not to mention all of the readers being made aware of how your company is helping this young man to be a future star. Think of Lewis Hamltons race car and you can see one company in your mind vodafone. That is how the profile of a driver can promote a business partner.

Getting in at the start is much more rewarding then spending loads more when they are already famous. Of course Dominic is not a British Champion yet but with his speed in the first round a little more top level racing experience will see him up there sooner than some people may think.


We can offer 3 packages and to be honest all sponsorship is welcomed at any level

Bronze Sponsorship

This is great value for money, You and a maximum 5 guests will receive the Hospitality package for 2 major races a year, you will be able to come to as many races as you like through out the year but bare in mind the smaller meetings do not have the same appeal therefore hospitality will be limited to just a small marquee teas coffees sandwiches etc. However the 2 main events will be fantastic, your guests will have access to a free all day bar providing hot drinks soft drinks and alcoholic drinks. Hot and cold snacks throughout the day, all served by experienced staff., free entry to the event plus meeting of the drivers, mechanics and team bosses and access to the race team tent for a tour and insight into what goes on behind the scenes, this will be limited to one group at a time. During these main events we will also provide hot drinks and snacks for qualifying Friday and Saturdays, main Finals are on the Sunday. All clients will get a signed picture from Dominic (this could be worth a few quid in years to come) You will get your company logo on Dom's clothing and Kart. We will also try and get the other drivers to sign some programs and photos where possible. Your company banners will be displayed in the Hospitality Marquee for all to see. It will say something along the lines of (Company Name) supporting the future of British Motor sport, proud sponsors of Dominic Bush British Cadet Driver. We hope you can see the benefit to your Company and please watch the video's to the right.




Silver Sponsorship

This will give you all of the above but 3 Main events of the year. With an added bonus of the choice of prime logo positions for best TV coverage. Main Sponsors recognition, on Dominic's race van and smaller race meetings on his race tent for all to see clearly displaying advertising for your company. This is great value as the smaller events do attract a wide range of spectators and people do love to see and deal with Companies who sponsor young children. Even when Dom is testing your name will be out there. Also remember that the 3 Main events of the year offer great value for money you and your clients will receive 1st class Hospitality at events I would doubt that they have ever seen before.





Gold Sponsorship

Now we did struggle to come up with a package that would provide potential sponsors wishing to contribute that little extra, better value for money than the Bronze and silver Package. I think we have done it.

You will get all of the above but all 4 main events of the year. Rights to sponsor Dominic's Helmet for the rest of his racing career.If he makes it into F1 you will have the right for the same figure a year to take that prime advertising position. This is massive and remember we have already been told that he has got the potential to go all the way, by many experts. He has shown he has got the commitment and desire too as well. You will be able to come to all future class races including F1 and receive the same level of hospitality the big name sponsors do at these events. This is because with out sponsors like you it would probably never happen. I for one would make sure those who help at the beginning get the benefit through out. This will be drawn up by Professional Sports Solicitors and will give you the future rights to take the option.

With Dominic a year Older and really starting to show his potential now, next season is looking good for a number in cadet. With the close association he has with Prodrive through their Driver performance department, which work with Dom on his fitness, with plans already to go into cars early on the televised Junior Ginnetta Championship in 3 years time. We could see him on TV even more. Dominic is getting older and has moved to Fusion Motorsport, with the team behind him and of Course Dom,s Driver coach Peter Budd who also woks for the famous prodrive Aston Martin World Touring Car Team, Dominic has the best chance in the paddock he could possibly have.


We will need a number of sponsors to help, the hospitality suite will be plastered with all sponsors signs and logos. So your clients will see the efforts your business is making towards helping to create a future F1 driver. All your details will go on his website and

he will be talking about the race and personally thanking all his sponsors. ( do remember he will be only 10 years old)


I thank you for looking at this page and regardless of your decision we would love you to come and watch him race next year, it means a lot to Dominic to have as much support as he can. Please check out his website for fixtures list.


For those that wish to take up our great sponsorship deals please either contact me directly on 07980 850 850 0r email me at sales@linxpakltd.com 

We will then send you a pack out showing benefits in more detail with evidential proof that this form of advertising really does work

Thanks Again

Mick and Dominic Bush

Below is a major Cadet race the class Dominic will be in.This video features a young Lewis Hamilton

Below is a short video on kartng n the UK a little insight to what is involved

Dominic In the televised London Cup in 2013 only Nine Years Old. Up against 11 and 12 year old Bradley and Sean 

Dominic's Favourite the Pitt Girls

 Dominic at the front of televised race shown on Sky sports F1 Sky Sports Motors Tv 

 Plenty of room on Helmet for Sponsorship as Dom takes the win at Shenny.

Below is just a small video interviewing Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton when they were just a little older than Dom. Goes to show that dreams can come true!!!!!!

Dominic's first interview at home age 7 regarding karting