Dom pointing at the crowd after a really hard battle at shennington

first time he has won there.

Dominic looking serious in his new db racing team wear very cold at the track so hence the floppy hat.

db racing for those that have not worked it out stands for Dominic Bush Racing. Nice picture we now need some of these on the podium please Dom!!! 

This is the on board video from brook Childs of the 2013 London Cup 

Dominic is infront number 36 of course 


Dominic sitting out in town showing off his LGM t shirt just a nice picture 

Dom in the 2013 London Cup on practice day was fast 


The podium for the 2013 London Cup at rye house Dominic had a fantastic 3rd place behind to his left Sean Butcher

ost the 2 leaders in the final and raced hard to catch them back up

Dom back on terms and finished 3rd as you see them here

Hello hello hello what you boys doing here then, hope this keeps you out of trouble this karting thing!!!

The police at Larkhall in Scotland they were there to keep all the female fans away from the drivers difficult job someone has to do it

Anderson Alex Jack Archie and Dom in there usaual place in the awning between sessions

Good friends Sean and Dom showinf off their trophies at the London Cup 


Me Jack and Dom  a great result and a great weekend

The start of the final second lap photo

Problems with his Kart so Dom self built this one luckily we repaired is Zip just before the race so dom didn't get the chance to test this one shame looks fast 

Dom showing even with the stress of a superone round that he still has time for the ladies 

Keaton Dom Leonardo Josh Ro Keatons little Brother at the East Anglian trophy held at Kimbolton Kart track.great picture  

Dominic on the Dummy grid at shennington with team mates

42 cayden 72 Owen 44 Leonardo and 34 Josh. Great picture of them all lining up to go out.

Dominic with Keaton's lovely little brother Ro chilling out in between races.

Dominic taking a well deserved 3rd place at May meeting at rye house 2012. He done a massive fist pump after the line as the number 23 Kart of Elliot blocked Dom for 9 laps until a brave gutsy move to take third place was made with 3 laps to go. Dom also won fastest novice that weekend as well.

This photo of Dominic is of the new Zip chassis  and the three trophies he won in 2 weekends, the novice title for Fulbeck and the novice trophy at Rye House and the 5th place over all trophy at Rye House. Dom has done so well in the new Zip chassis and the Allstars team and as you can see by his little face is enjoying it so much. 


Dominic collecting his trophy at Fulbeck for winning the Novice race. Also another signature for his license. He drove fantastic and wins the race in his new Zip Kart. The team were at Whilton Mill so myself and Dave were running him on our own. A good job all round

Dom and Leo at Whilton Mill, good friends and as Dom said to the Marshall on the grid we are Team mates, first time Dom has had a team mate in Karting it means a lot to him. They get on so well and Leo is a fantastic little driver im sure Dom will learn a lot from him.  Dominic again smashed his personel best clocking a 54.7. Again in the Zip Lightning chassis, and with the help of Luke Hines and Leo on the track. We meet Elliot Harvey and his dad, really nice people, Elliot is in Honda and is really fast. Dominic in the last session managed to hold on to Elliot for quite a few laps.  But I did ask Elliot if he would help Dom to which I think he did.  The Zip Allstars Team has given Dom two personel bests in two sessions at different tracks what more can you say.

 Dominic was the very first comer cadet on the new extended track at pfi, the track was opened today 23rd September 2011. There were 3 other cadets out but all wpt powered. He loved it and took to the new part of the track like a fish in water.

 Dominic at pfi coming down the straight 

Well this is Dom with his first Tony Kart Cadet, Im sure if we let him he would have slept in the garage with it - he is sooo proud of it !!!!  Come on Mick hurry up with that fuel, I want to get out on the track and see what this baby can do.

Smile for the camera, what a posser, racing at buckmore first  actual MSA day and still had time to look at the camera 

We went to Buckmore to get Dom some race training bascally overtaking

on tight corners this is him beating me little git I was trying really hard think my engines were a bit dodgy. many thanks to Simon at the Kart shop at Buckmore for his help.

First time at PFI in cadet he done wicked well done son proud of you especially after such a long day  

Dom what did you think of that first corner????  Dom and Harrison at buckmore park

Getting used to the podium, we hope many more for them both 

We gave Dom this trophy for really working hard at Tilbury we were told that he done the fastest lap recorded there in a bambinoso well done his face says it all.


below - dom with picture that the `simpsons `gave him - dom says   .............. i`d like to thank vix,mat and cal for my picture, i love it - thankyou- thats all ...

dom isnt a boy of many words - yet !!!!! 

Oh Dom wants to say he was really happy with getting his medal and certificate at buckmore

Picture Gallery

Dominic age 6yrs old at tilbury in his Bambino 

Dom with his bambino  

Wont get out of his kart wants to go out again no more fear.

Dom after a fast practice session 

Dom possing in his new race suite and boots for his cadet kart 

 To the left Dom having a laugh in his helmet



















Dom watching me get his cart set up different

He was not impressed just wants to go and drive..