Dominic is very lucky to have so many fans and followers at such a young age, from school friends and their parents to family members and friends to just outright racing fans. As most of his fans contact him through facebook and in person it would be great if they were to start a topic on his Fan Zone page. As Dominic progresses through his racing career it will essential in marketing him in such a way that attracts sponsors and advertisers.

Dominic is aware of his duties to his current Sponsors, and we have various types of sponsors and Advertisers from Builders, Electrician's to packaging manufacturers Fire Protection and Transport Companies. It is our duty to give them value for money. Dominic needs to do his stuff on the track and we need to create a market that will attract potential sponsors and partners for Dominic.

If you need any of the products that Dominic's sponsors offer we would ask that you give them a chance first, we also need to build a website that is looked at and used regular so the Fan Zone area is ideal to help push Dom website up the Google Rankings. Dominic already has a good google ranking so we want to try and keep it that way.

Thanks to everyone support so far it means a lot to us all, keep up the good work