How we work is simple, we feel that this is a great sport for children which may lead to some taking up a career in Motorsport. The big problem with the sport is the cost involved in the UK let alone taking the racing to Europe and beyond. With Teams charging in excess of £200.00 per day just to be in their awning let alone the costs for weekly Kart preps and daily consumables the entry level of Karting which is cadet, starts to become a considerable expense. Now if you can afford that then that is great, but with many talented little drivers out there without a big budget were can they go and compete at the top level? The answer is no were really. You can run them on your own but to be honest it is difficult even with the most talented driver to be successful. That is why we started DB racing, but not just a father and son team. A team with the same professional approach as the top teams in the country thats Db racing. We are totally independent, with Driver Coaching from multiple British Champion Peter Budd, with top data to help improve drivers race craft and technique. Our emphasis is on driver improvement this is the area that we feel is most important you will find a lot more time in the driver than in the equipment. But to do that you need to give the driver the best kit available. That is why we keep a close eye on the engines, since Iame was introduced just last year every team started the season with little knowledge. Now we have come to really understand these engines and carbs and what the data tells us to match what we observe on the track. With Grice Engineering who in my opinion is the Best in the Iame Class in the country rebuilding our engines and the knowledge we have gained and still are, we can be sure our kit is the best, I would even go to say we have some of the top engines in the Uk at this particular time. Having top class kit enables Peter to really concentrate on the driver and the data which is equivalent to top racing teams we can use this data to confirm many settings from gearing to tuning the air/fuel ratio including other set ups to get the kart performing to an optimum level during a race weekend.  We have some real backing from some very successful engineers and coaches in motoprsport in certain areas, all this is to help develop the driver correctly.  

                                                          db racing                                                                                                                                                                                             Dutch Farm Buildings                                                                                                                                                                           Claypit Farm                                    TEL MOB 07980 850850                                                                                                              Bardfield Road                                 TEL LAND 01371 832932                                                                                                              Thaxted Essex CM6 2LW                 EMAIL / 


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db racing has been approached  by a number of drivers and fathers regarding places in the team. We are dedicated to providing the best enviroment for Dominic, with our proffessional approach this year I am sure we will show that you do not have to be in a large team to do well. In the short years I have been around this sport it is a shame that many good talented youngsters do never get a fair crack of the whipp simply because they can not afford to. Towards the end of the 2014 season we will have a better picture of our possibilities of supporting other drivers for the 2015 season. with this in mind we will look to contact you this summer to discuss the way forward if at all.

Be assured that we would love to run more drivers but would only want to do so if we feel we will be able to offer a top service. With our portable flat bed coming soon which will enable us to be totally independent and set the chassis up with accuracy including at the track corner weighting etc. We have been in talks with Grice Engines regrding an affordble way for talented drivers to compete on top engines at a set price per year so no large amounts spent. With Zip kart being the top chassis in this class we can acheive the best possible rates for new chassis and spares at discount prices. We also have the facilities already to do kart prep's at a fraction of the cost of large teams, add that to our discounted parts all this adds up believe me when racing at the top level. There is no need to spend thousands a month, yes good kit is required but maintaining that kit should if in a team be as cheap as possible without cutting corners. If we do decide to take on new drivers it will be for one reason and one reason only, to make Karting affordable and still compete for our team members.

We will keep an eye out this year on the young drivers and if we can help a few drivers we will try, the other alternative is to run them on your own  we can help out not a problem. Driver coaching is where it is at, we have one of the best in Peter Budd. We had to really fight for Peter this year for Dominic, Peter can only give 100% to a few drivers so we would limit our drivers to just 5. Karting is not a difficult as the large teams will have you believe, just so you spend more of your hard earnt cash, but the big teams do get results some of that is because they have top drivers all the time and some of that is because they do have that edge when it counts. Here at db racing Dominic is still young and of course 2014 is not going to be his year he wins. However throughout the season we are looking for little victories signs if you like that we are doing a good job, things like timed qualifying go along way to show how good the team can perform, we can not race the kart for them but we can set it up and give them the best chance.


db Racing was started November 2013 with it's sole ambitions of becoming the best privateer team in the paddock. Privateer meaning not associated as a team we are a family team and have employed the services of a great Mechanic and Driver Coach.

The team will be working from the 8x4 Pop up you see in the picture. We have been very lucky to obtain sponsorship and support from Fire Delay Contracts ltd, Linxpak, Kluman and Balter Ltd, B S Osborn Ltd and Zip Kart to name a few.

We have some other main supporters who will be working one to one with Dom, we are very lucky to have their help and expertise in this certain feild. I am sure that Dominic will be the only driver on the grid with this type of back up and support, I have not mentioned what or with whom as I am sure they would rather remain anonymous at this time.

The team is as Follows:

Driver Dominic Bush

Team Manger Lisa Bush (aka cheif tea maker)

Team Finance Micahel Bush (aka dads Pocket)

Team Driver Coach    Peter Budd 

Cheif Mechanic  Jack Daniels  ( not the Drink)

Lisa has has done a great job in designing the team wear the team logo etc. We feel it is very important to give Dominic a professional look. The team wear can be purchased from this site next year. We have great winter coats fleeces hats polo shirts body warmers sweat shirts mugs pens writing pads etc. Lisa is a valuable asset to the team providing tea and coffee at the track, and hopefully some cakes etc. 

Michael has done all he can to earn enough money and drum up sponsorship for Dom's racing fund this year. We just hope it's enough otherwise Lisa will probably restrict the amount of tea we can drink each weekend.

The real team comes from both Jack and Peter, 

Peter Budd has shown to me and others that he really is a top driver coach. I think the best thing about Peter is that he really cares about the drivers and families he works with. I witnessed that last year in the Eclipse Motorsport Team which the first time I meet Peter. Since then we have been very lucky to have been able to gain the help from Peter, he does far more than expected from him, and alongside Jack is the backbone to the team and Dominics future performances.

Jack on the other hand is more like watching a duck on top of the water when he is working, When you watch a duck they look so elegant on the top of the water but their legs are working frantically under the water, thats Jack under pressure everything looks cool and calm at Super one when he only has one minute to get the job done which would take me probably 15min. He loves Dom and has known him from when he just started karting to now. Both Jack and Dom are great friends and compliment each other.

What a team.

I feel that db Racing will be the best Privateer Team in the paddock and will go on to show that we can compete with the big teams, maybe this year maybe next year. 

but for all of us we want to have fun at the track and make this journey as enjoable as possible whilst remaining proffesional.

We are very excited about next year, and have been given a lot of help from engine builders and Big teams to help us continue to give Dominic the best tools we can.

With a new van for next year our own flat bed and great data information we can really do as good job as the big teams but the bonus is that all this will be for one driver not 5 or 6.

With Luke at Zip kart helping us with the cost of spares this really will help to be able to provide the top tools for Dom.

Ricky Grice looks after Dominic's Engines and is in my veiw the best engine tuner in the country especially with the Iame Cadet

There has been a lot said about Dom's top engine but little do the paddock know is that we have 3 top engines thanks to Ricky Mark and Tom at Grice.