Young karters like Dominic Bush, are the future of motorsport in this country. i am not saying that Dominic is guaranteed to drive formula one, but it is almost a certainty that one of the drivers racing in the championships alongside Dominic will be. They all have a chance. As we are all aware Lewis Hamilton done just that. He was a formidable driver as was Jenson Button when they were Karting. Of course there were other good drivers around at the time like Chris Rodgers why did Lewis become an F1 champion and why did Jenson. I can not say for sure but I would imagine that these young future hopefuls had a massive desire to acheive a formula one career.

A lot is written on the subject and we know many of the stories what our young karters of today need to do is first impress on the National Level, then take that success onto the world Championships.

Money does play a big part but we have heard stories regarding Antony Hamilton having 3 Jobs to help support Lewis. So Lewis is a prime example of a winner who got there from hard work and of course sacrificies from his parents but not from a back ground of millions of Pounds behind them.

The door is much more open than before and Karting is the first step if you like to the bigger stage. The more this sport is promoted the more chance we have of producing world class drivers for the future. Tracks and officials work hard to make this sport as safe as possible we all know there are risks in motorsport but that sometimes does not out weight the frills.

Manufacturers of chassis are improving the products all the time, we are really lucky with Dominic as he drives for the Zip Allstars team, with team mates like Cayden Leonardo Owen Teddy all around the same age they have a great chance to perform and impress on the National stage. Of course this is the future as all these drivers have alot of work and experience to accumalate before they are there. We think that the team is going to be a force to be rekoned with in the next couple of years. These young karters in the Zip Allstars team are really looking good especially for their age group. I am sure in the next 2-3 years a british cadet champion will emerge from this team. Who knows who it will be they all have a chance, we would love it to be Dominic. This is a goal of Dominic's to be British champion in cadet and then British champion in KF3.

He now has a massive training schedule taking in boxing twice a week for fitness and strength, swiming and he now has started looking at what he eats. Dominic decided this for himself and took no pushing from myself or his mum. What do you do with such a driven young Karter I only hope it is enough to break through and acheive his dreams. You can never assume that he is the only one, however  I am pretty convinced that he is one of only a few who makes the decission for himself with out being pushed by parents. I think if Dominic decided he no longer wished to do Karting my first reaction would be but you are doing so well mate, second would be in regard to the cost to date. But we would be happy for him to stop as it would be what he wanted.

However I have grown to love this sport and many of the children competing so I think although I am not from a racing background I would have to stay in touch with the participants and especially Luke and the Allstars team.
I would be shocked if that were to happen Dominic Bush 8 yrs old already believes he will be F1 world Champion,
he is working hard and getting quicker and quicker, he is getting stonger and stronger, and I have noticed a little change in the desire to fight on the track. In other words he might be right fingers crossed for his dream.