We have just spent the week with Dom testing the new chassis, and fine tuning carbs, seat positions, axles etc.it has been a hard week for db racing and Dom but we are more than pleased with the results.

Harry Thompson helped out for a couple of days and was really quick in the Iame. We now know the very best set ups for Dominic in wet and dry conditions. The new chassis has some very clear differences to the old Lightning chassis they really suit Dom's driving style. The main difference I feel is that the chassis is better for the smaller and smoother drivers.It will punish the not so smooth drivers , but it is still easy and simple to set up once you have got your head around it.
We were pleased to see what ever we did to the kart Dom drove it as hard as he could each time, and the driver reported the same as what we saw on the track. This allowed us to relly dial the kart in for particular conditions.

Moving on we also witnessed Harry Thompson at PFI on our lets say good but not best engine rip it up and he was clearly the fastest on the track by 4 tenths. Believe me there was plenty of Iame pedigree drivers on the track as well. This was fantastic has we know we had another 7 tenths in the bag if we needed them. All this goes to show that db racing is getting it right despite what the paddock may think. Harry is a top Honda cadet driver and showed the watching lets say more established teams that with the right driver in the seat we can out perform them. It proves what we have always believed that a driver can make the team look good or bad. Harry gave Dom  a big wake up call, basically showing Dom that he was not Breaking on the limit and this at first had a negative effect on Dom. But getting used to a new chassis and being out driven by Harry made Dom more determined and in the last session Dom was the quickest.

We then moved on to carbs and guess what we found more time there as well, all I can say is that as a team nothing was overlooked and we really dialed these carbs in on the track. This was fantastic and we found that a knatts wisker on the jet made all the difference. Of course to find the perfect setting each day for most, is or has been a bit of a guess. We came away from that day delighted and without Peter Budd on the data we would never of been able to acheive this. This is what a team is all about and the fact that the driver was also reporting back the same as the data was evidence enough that yes we have found away to increase the performance of these engines. Carbs are a massive part of that and we are happy that we have found more than a few tenths on this alone, we now know that Dyno is not the way to go you need a really good data man like Peter and a track can not tell you what to look for that is a trade secret but put the work in like we have and it will hit you like a tonne of lead.

Harry was again with us on Thursday and this time was not as dominating as he was a couple of days earlier.Lets not take anything away from Harry here, he is a superstar and hopefully will as im sure he will, go on to take the British Title in Honda cadet this year and race with us next year in Iame. All the credit would have to go to Dom, he did not get down hearted and showed that he could also be a champion. Harry and Dom worked really well together and Harry inparticular done everything we asked of him to the "T". Since we had got all the specifics out of the way we had chance to really drill Dom using Harry with driver coaching and by the end of the day although Harry gave Dom a racing lesson he was right on it himself and gave as good as he got again big thank you to Harry for being so helpful.

So great weeks testing much learnt much overcome and looking forward to showing the paddock that we mean business. Watch out DB Racing is about. If we can get Dom's mind in the right place then we will turn heads that is for sure.

Thanks to Harry and Chris Thompson for their help this week looking forward to later in the year