Dom understandably was a little rusty for the first session or so but got back into the swing after that. he posted the quickest time towards the end of saturday testing out of the 19 kart strong field. So pretty good for the sunday race meeting.
He finished 7th 5th and 8th in the heats starting from front middle and back.

To be honest it was pretty tight up the front with seasoned campaigners Mark Kimber 13 years old and Tyler Chesterton 13 years old taking 1st and 2nd both front runners in Super One and in there last year of Cadet. Then the battle for 3rd was between Owen Marlow Cayden Mcqueen Dom Harry Platten Shaye Stewart. All really pretty close in the heats and testing. Dominic got a great start from 7th and moved up to 3rd shaye and owen took Dom at the top and then after a great move from Dom he was back to 5th behind Owen and Cayden. Dom Battled really hard to get on terms with the two of them. But just could not close the gap that was made from the start.

That is how it finnished with 5th place from Dom great drive all weekend.