Well it was a bit of a roller coster ride up at 3 sisters this weekend. With Dom having to learn the track. First practice session was dry and Dom showed how fast he can be around a new track just like he did at Rissington 3 weeks ago.

Then down came the ran and he was miles off the pace, we worked hard on the lines and got him to a more reasonable pace. The Sunday racing, was an eye opener for me, I can not understand the drivers thinking up at 3 sisters. Drivers defending with 6 or 7 laps to go the front pack not even trying to work together to push away from the trailing pack. This was completely different from the top level. Dom overtook one kid which surely would suggest he was quicker since Dom had to catch him, then within a couple of corners being in the draft he managed to get back in front of Dom, then gave the signal to push. We were trying to catch the leading 3 karts,  why would he think to ask to be pushed when he was slower. He should of stuck on the toe from Dom then had a go at the end of the race once we got up to the leaders. The leaders must of changed places 6 times in the race. So with that in mind for the final we knew what we had to do. Attack Attack Attack and out race them.

The final Dom started on the outside in 6th, he had to get a good start or get caught up with the 10 or so Karts that would quite probably be battling for 5th to 15th defending and dog fighting. He had a great start got into 4th. was holding on to the current club champion and the heat winners who are regulars at the track. He made a mistake and lost 2 places the 3 infront started to pull a big gap Dom was in 6th, he done some great overtaking but got taken back and pushed wide, falling back to 8th. He cracked on battled back got into fourth with about 10 laps to go, but almost a whole straight behind the 3 leaders. In less than 2 laps he had drove so perfect he was on them pulling away from the trailing drivers. Now he was up against seasoned 3 sisters champions and club members. He battled really hard getting up to first a back marker came into play and Dom and the boy in second broke the toe from the other 2. 6 laps to go, come on lets crack on and work together, but no the second place boy thought it was more sensible to fight for the lead and allow the other 2 drivers to pull back. That is exactly what happen and this was how it was for the remainder of the race a dog fight. Dom was fantastic and attacked all the time going from 1st to 2nd to 4th back to 1st etc, exciting to watch.

 On the last lap he was in 3rd took the second place boy and mad a fantastic move on the last corner to take the lead. With just foot down to the line he was sure to take the win, with a woop woo and celebrating before the line he lost the win by just 2 100ths of a second a fag paper to the rest of us,.

Great great drive on a track he had visited for the first time, what was good for Dom was the dog fighting I think we will go back to Wigan again just for that. It certainly was not boring and looking back at the way we race at top level to the way they race at wigan I would rather watch the racing at wigan thats for sure.

well done Dom great race good trophy for 2nd less of the woop woo