Callum Bradshaw wins on Synergy at whilton mill last weekend with Ben woodridge taking second place on a shark,

Looking at next years British Championships it looks like this

Johnny Edgar                      Synergy

Lewis Thompson                   RK

Dexter Patterson             Currently on Zip

They are the 3 favorites to win in order, but there are a lot of drivers out there who could be in the melting pot as well.
What will be going through their minds as they take the stage for next year, with Synergy winning the British Championships and in a good spot for the LGM win as well, Synergy looks to be the Kart to be on.

With the last 2 Major Club races being won on a synergy Our own Dom winning at Shenny and Callum at Whilton this all adds weight to the quality of the kart. Yes you could argue that the last 2 meetings Dom has become a more aggressive driver and that Callum should be winning at his age, but neither have really done it on the Eagle but both changed to the Synergy and take a win each.

Maybe we are witnessing the end of an era with the Zip Kart which would be a big shame as they have in the past done so much for cadet Karting in the UK. They will need drivers next year to perform on their Karts and I can not see who will be their top driver if Mr Patterson decides to change as well. With so many big drivers moving up it leaves a vague top ten, who knows what will be next year, the question that has to be asked is " if they are not on a synergy Chassis are they taking a chance".

With Dominic racing this weekend at PFI club meeting fingers are crossed that he drives like he did at the last S1 round and the Shenny meeting 2 weeks ago. We shall see what happens but If Synergy clear up again this weekend
that will be food for thought during the winter for everyone else.