Dominic drove pretty good at whilton finishing behind soon to be team mate yet again Owen Marlow. Owen won every heat and lead for the whole final. Owen and Dominic were team mates with Zip Allstars, Owen decided to leave around a tyear ago. Of course we love Luke and the boys at Zip but we wanted to start this season on the new Iame class to which Luke and Zip understandably did not want to entertain. We of course ended up in Eclipse and Owen tested last week with us after the Whilton club meeting. They are joining the team this weekend for the Super one round at Clay.

Dominic drove well at Whilton and had second place passing backwards and forwards to finish 3rd on the second place mans bumper. The final had a few restarts and red flags but Dom keeped his head and I felt drove well considering has not done as much time at whilton as Owen. He ended up 2 tenths of Owens Pace another couple of sessions we would have found the pace.

Good podium For Dom