Dominic had his first yellow plate race at wilton mill Kart track, he was a little nervous as he was by far the youngest and smallest driver on the grid. It was very hot conditions and made the track really grippy. it was hard on the drivers and towards the end of Sunday you could see that Dom was getting tired.
He was holding back at the start so we asked if we could move Dom to the back of the grid just infront of the black plates.
His results look worse than they were as his first grid position was 7th but he started 21st and got up to 19th, his second was 20 and got to 19th his last grid position was 18th he finished 19th.
However he made alot of progress with his starts but was around 1.5 second off the top pace. He did match his personal best 44.56 but got a little slower in th final finishing infront of the black plates apart from number 39 who was about 11years old and was as quick as Cayden, Dom's team mate. So not bad first yellow plate meeting we learnt alot and Dom showed good starts we hope he moves forward from here.