Well lets start at Buckmore Park, because we were going to test his Tony Kart Cadet afterwoods, we let him wear his Tony Kart Overalls. He looked really good! We meet a family there who had a son called Harrison, really nice boy they had travelled from Wiltshire to do lesson 3. Harrison and Dom got on really well and you could see that they were not sure who was the quicker of the two. Anyway they were both bored because they had to drive up to a corner then stop at the cones. Then do the same to the next ones.Dom said dad, lets just go to grantham want to drive my Cadet. On the last time out at buckmore they were allowed to go as quick as they could and overtake. i was told that the fastest Bambino's around that track do it between 27-28 seconds. Dom who was not in his own kart, done 2 laps in clean air racking up a fantastic 25.9 seconds and was clearly the fastest in his group bless him. His new friend Harrison was lapping a second or so behind him, agian clearly the two of them showed there talent for the sport. We hope to see harrison racing in the future. Dom in his own Kart should be able to take atleast 2 seconds a lap of that time at Buckmore, so fingers crossed when he does the first race in June,he could get the course record. Out of the 12 kids or so doing lesson 3 all passed with flying colours just goes to show the level of commitment the team at buckmore have towards the young future drivers. Dom and Harrison looked very proud to wear their medals and show of their certificates at the end of the session. A little note to Mark Harrisons Dad, you have got a great little driver in Harrison, and considering it was his first time in a 2 stroke he was brilliant, contact me any time Mark if you want to meet up wih the boys and go testing. 

Moving on to PFI,  what Dom was really looking forward to, his first go in the cadet. When we got there Dom through his arms around Mick Barrett when he saw he's Kart, lovely moment. after a few tweeks he was off, oh my god he did not take it easy I wish I could have told him to slow down he,s first lap was a 61.9 seconds and he was reaching speeds up the straight of well over 50 miles per hour. He looked really small compared to the other boys. Any way 61.9 is a good 7 - 8 seconds of the pace, but come on first time in a faster more responsive kart, he could not slow it down fast enough to go around some of the corners where he was losing atleast 3 seconds and so on. He will be fine all my worries have gone, Loads of time in the Kart will get him up to speed, he has almost a whole year before he can race it. 

His first half hour session was his best, he was so tired but just wanted to keep going out, the Kart is twice as heavy as his Bambino and becuase he is so small we have had to put on 17 kilos of lead. he was knackered the day was so exciting for him I think towards the end he just wanted to go to sleep. Mick Barrett was super impressed with him and Dom tried very hard to get the corners right. Every second lap he would get it better so he can do it and Im sure he will start to get the hang of this kart just the same as he did with his Bambino.

As a parent the big smile on Dom's face is all you can ask for, we are very proud of him.

Check out the photos of him