Last summer  Dominic meet the troops from the 33 Engineers EOD based in Saffron Walden when they paraded through the streets on their return from Afganistan. He came home and was very moved by what he had seen.He explained in his limited knowledge of the soldiers. That he had meet some really brave men that keep us safe, that these men sometimes get very injuried and that they some times do not return home.They are really brave and because not all men are good enough to fight they do it for us. Since then he has made friends with a couple of soldiers who were also very touched that Dominic felt like that at such a young age and he has been given some tokens like Cam paint and some badges etc.He keeps them on sight in his bedroom all the time.

The other day we were talking about sponsors stickers on his kart and he asked if he could put a sticker of the regiment he meet on his kart, he said for the reason that they know we appreciate what they do for us.Where he gets this from I don't know but I must admit I like the fact that he feels that way, as im sure the soldiers who fight for our way of life do as well.

I will be writing today to the CO of the regiment for permission and I will post the outcome.We will totally undersatnd if the regiment feel it is not appropriate.