We informed LGM that Dom would not be taking part this year, I feel that the LGM is a great series but with so many drivers this year enetered and the series wishing to continue with the 3 heats front middle and back I can only see carnage for the drivers this year. With time qualifying putting the faster driver at the front and the slower towards the back level of experience will show less incidents going into the first corner. I maybe wrong and this format has always been the way they do it at LGM so I agree that they should not change that, but with this being a sort of warm up series for the British champs you will have many top drivers charging through as you would need to place top 8 in every heat to go straight through to main final. Again I understand that some drivers race better than they Qualify so it gives everyone a fair chance, but I feel that with so many say novice drivers on the grid carnage will be the name of the game. You cant expect the top drivers to start at the back and not have to force their way through the pack of say less experienced drivers without some sort of incidents occuring. Add a few red flags to the heats and I feel that there may only be time for 4 lap Finals. They may even have to run some heats on the Saturday just to try and get it all in over the weekend. I am sure they have a plan but as it is run alongside the normal club meetings the club also have a duty to the other competitors for track time etc. I can see very little track time at the series and some big upsets coming this year.

We may do a couple towards the end when the numbers reduce through to many accidents or just the track time which will be short with such big grids, Lgm rules also state that no practising on the Friday before and is run alongside normal club meetings the only track time will be Saturday surely they will have to hold some of the heats on the Saturday or they simply wont get it all done in the 2 days. Again I could be wrong, however our goal is Dom and we feel that this will not benefit Dom at all, our main objective is to focus on super one and other club racing. So Dom will get plenty of track time especially the weekends LGM is held elsewhere.

We wish LGM a great year and hope it is a massive success, we of course have had a year last year in LGM and feel that next year will be our year to compete in LGM. Mike told me they have hospitality this year that will be good to see I do hope it goes well for all the drivers and teams and not to many bent chassis.With what seems to be the entire Iame cadet population in the series those that do win will certainly deserve it. Good luck to0 everyone involved and the favourites to win. We will see some of you at the British Championships.