We have had some ups and downs with Dom over the last couple of weeks, we went to shennington just after we returned from holiday he was a bit nervous as there were over 50 cadets out testing. He was a little bit slow at first but came on strong after the second session.
At PFI the following friday he was terrible and drove like a kid that had never been in a Kart before and seemed scared of every other kart out there. We got to the bootom of it and have now been helping Dom deal with it.
Last friday at PFI was th best test session we have ever had with Dom he was on it from the first session and all day.

well the situation is this, he is close to having it all click but he is a fool to his self sometimes I do not know how he will turn out on any given day.with that in mind we have decided that he,s first MSA race at Shennington would be best if no family or friends turn up. or if they do, make sure he does not know they are there until after the race. Simply because we do not want any distractions he will need to get a signature to make it worth while and there will be atleast 10 novice drivers there.
first does not seem possible at the moment as we are aware of a really quick novice there. so we will need to get he's head right for the race so he knows what to expect.

we will update the site after the race