Dominic bagged two more trophies yesterday at the Rye House Meeting. It was a party for the Zip Allstars team with Cayden and Leonardo picking up trophies as well.
Cayden and Leonardo were fantastic, Leo was a little unlucky as the 12 year old veteran Luc Oliver pushed Leonardo wide after a great manouver from Leo to take Luc for first place in the final. That pushed Leo back to 4th place and Luc took the lead again. Cayden was pushing Luc all the way and made a really brave move coming out ouf the slip stream to take first place.Luc could not get close enough to Cayden to try the same lets say unfair tactics he done to Leonardo. Leonardo clocked the fastest lap of the whole day a fantastic 42.12, showing how fast he is, he only managed 4th as he was again blocked and pushed out on to the grass time and time again as he tried to claw back to the front. Cayden won the race picking up the winners trophies and one for the memorial event for Josh O'Malley who sadley passed away.

ominic's day was let say full of stress for the mechanics namely myself and Luke Hines. We had managed to get the engine back from steve on thursday to my horror he had forgotten to put the seal on it,so not enough time to send it back. Steve sent me a spare engine which we got Friday. This left us with Dom's best engine that was showing signs of needing  a rebuild, a borrowed engine from Paul Mace which was very much appreciated and the spare one from steve Ogden.
On Saturday testing it was obvious that the race engine was finnished. I put Pauls borrowed engine on for the last 2 sessions and with Luke's help Dom clocked a fantastic 43.28 lap his personal best. We knew that we could get do in the 42 second bracket on race day so all done ready for sunday. Out he went on the first time qualifying heat, but he was miles away from the pace and he span more times in that heat than he has done in the last 14 months. He was gutted we went about expecting the engine and carb, But Dom's feed back to me reminded me of a bambino race so I checked the clutch and there it was down to the metal.We quickly changed the clutch just in time. Go on Dom all is good now, again he was miles of doing 50 second laps and spinning. Again he was gutted especially since so many had come down to watch him race. We run the engine up and heard a noise that sounded like the bearings. A swap of engine to the Ogy one, we run it up and as Dom was on the grid we had to changed Carbs and just hope we got the settings right. Out just in time and then Dom showed waht he could really do getting back to the 43.66 times. When he come in we checked the temp and it had got to 205 degress. We made the carb richer by 5 minutes for the final. Dom was last on the grid because of the first 2heats. We explained that trophies were being given out for up to 5th place that he needed to get passed the other drivers to take 5th if he wanted a trophy.

Dominic was so determined to show his fans who had turned up,what he was made off.Auntie Angela and Geoff  Cliff and Michelle,Frankie, Joe Hobbs one of Dom's sponsors nanny Pat and Grandad keith and Uncle Steve were all so proud of Dominic's courage and mind set to keep trying even when the chips were down.

Sitting on the grid Dominic was taking in the advice from Luke he knew he needed a good start and he knew he had veteran drivers in front of him he had to pass to win that 5th palce trophy. He had a great start and was right on the 6th place bumper he tried to get past but was trying to hard. He settled down and drove the track all of a suuden you could see Dom start driving smooth something he is known for. Down the straight he came on the bumper out of the slip stream a great overtake into the fast right hander up the inside to take 5th position. He continued to drive smooth and started pulling away his family were screaming and clapping him on every lap.  At one stage Dom drove past the pitts and gave us a thumbs up. He knew he had done it, just after that the boy behind Dominic Pulled up. Dom was driving fantastic holding the gap the front four had made on him who knows what would have happened if we had a trouble free morning in qualifying. Dom's engine finally gave up with one lap to go but had done enough to take 5th place.

Two great trophies after an eventful weekend 3 knackered engines and a stressed out pit crew. well done Dom you little winner.