We went to Shenny this weekend and was hoping for back to back wins there. It is not easy to win here and is renowned as a power track, there are only four corners. So most drivers will not drive away over at shenny unless they have unbelievable power. 

On Saturday testing, Dom alongside team mate Joseph Taylor were fastest on track, in the wet conditions Dom just seemed to have that little extra, as the track dried the advantage seemed to go away, not sure if that was just driving
or the particular engine we had on but the gap closed from being almost half a second quicker to just a few tenths in the dry.

Dom's grid positions for the heats were pretty good with 2 middles and one of the back, first heat he was taken out from behind on the second corner was in 23rd but in the short heats of just 6 mins pulled back to 13th. He did not seem to have any top but his driving was fantastic.

A quick adjustment on the carb for the next heat and starting further back he had a better start but although driving really well just did not have the top at all he finished 6th.

We bolted on a different engine for the 3rd heat, he had his work cut out here starting from the back. He drove really well and came through to tenth he was only a few tenths off the leaders coming through traffic although they were all pushing. The best thing was that he had some top now I felt like I had let him down a bit in the first 2 heats. It was my decision to run that other engine, Peter did not want to run it neither did Neil but I felt that it looked good on the Saturday. If we had not used this engine I think the heats would have been a different story even with the first het incident.

Dom was starting 11th for the final, and with team mate Joseph on pole he needed a really good start to get in the hunt for the win. It just did not happen and Joseph pulled a massive gap at the start Dom was at the back of the train but as the race went on was by far the most consistent driver on the track taking chunks out of the little groups in front. With the top 2 along way down the road 3rd looked like the best we could do. After some great overtaking he got to 5th with Cayden and Leo 20 kart lengths in front pushing and working together. Dom was pulling them in and looked sure to catch them. The way he was overtaking it looked certain 3rd was on the cards, but with 2 laps remaining out came the red flag the race was over. No one can take away from Dom that his driving all weekend was top class yes he had problems at the starts but in all honesty the power for the first 2 heats just was not there, it was ok but that engine has loads of bottom but  dies at the top my mistake not the teams or Peters.