Dominic's Aunt passing away has effected him more than we originally thought. Dom has found it very difficult as this is the first person close to him that has passed away and he is not sure about his emotions. It has effected him in all areas of his young life not just karting but school as well all he seems to want to do is go boxing so that is what he is doing.

We have decided to give him a break until next year and to be honest what will be gained by racing this time of year is nothing in my eyes. He has said that he is not enjoying Karting at the moment so if that is the case then of course we wont be back but I think he just needs some fun so of to thailand for christmas and new year back early Jan and we will take a look again then.

What is for sure is that he is not driving like he is enjoying it, neither is he bothered about going faster, I feel is all a bit to much for him so close to Angela's death. He is a very sensitive boy to other peoples feelings so has continued to go karting as he thinks that is what myself and Lisa wants, truth is we just want him to be happy.

Dom one thing is for sure mate you have done yourself proud in Karting with plenty of trophies and great memories. You and all of us have made some great friends and Auntie Angela for one would be happy in what ever decission you make but certainly would not want you to stop something you loved because she is no longer here mate. Think about it in the new year and until then just have fun mate love you Dad