Another great day for Dom in the cadet his fastest lap was 38.4 seconds, that was fantastic and he really has got to grips with Crazy Breaking as he calls it. fair play to him he was trying to leave it later and later to break at the hair pin. To finally he could not break hard enough to take the corner and spun off really fast. he had a big smile on his face every time he was out breaking the other cadets and was zooming past them, he scared me and his mum at the speed he was hitting the top bend and had lots of adult drivers watching him and commenting on his driving.

we also took Callum Dom's best friend and let him go out in the Bambino, he was a little nervy but did start to put his foot down when we asked him to.he however spun off and I think it scared him a bit he decided to call it a day.
we timed an adult in a Honda pro kart he was lapping at 37.7 seconds a lap so I think Dom would have given him a run for his money. There was however a guy there that Dom got on really well with who was lapping at 31 seconds a lap.

looking good he is on the right lines and starting to improve his times, wait to see what Rye house brings Wednesday night and PFi next Monday.