What can I say, Doms first ever mini max race was the last round of Superone at pf last weekend.Well I think all things considered he done really well finishing 18th in the final and started to look like he was getting to grips with the difference in racing. of course he was up against not just Britians best but the best drivers in Europe and possible the world in that class.

he was not slow so he had the pace he did not look out of his depth against this lot and to be honest showed at times some fantastic driving. Because of his fast pace we did expect a higher qualifying position than 19th but again he was the youngest and most inexperinced driver on the grid, He had a flying lap that would have seen him go q7 ish on his dash but he missed the time and it did not register so 19th it was.

He finished 16th and 16th in the first 2 heats which put him 17th for pre final. He just took a long time to settle down from the start as he did not know what to expect in this class, he also was hesitant in overtaking and found out the hard way that no one works with anyone in this class. It is either overtake or be overtaken. Battling with the back runners he done some good overtakes when he finally got past them man he was fast and caught the groupd infront but was to late.

In the pre final he finished last, so final he satrted at the back. He had a good start but again took ages to get into overtaking mode but when he did off he went. Finishing 18th against a grid who had all been doing this class at least a year. He was not tired so the work in the gym has paid off. Looking forward to next season. A great Jod done by Tooley motorsport again just looking for faster motors for next year fingers crossed they become available.