Well I have not updated the site for nearly 2 months, alot has happened in that time.

We have really seen some progress in Dom's driving we have had to experience another bad crash that resulted in a 2 hour hospital visit.

we have had some up and downs and Dom again needing to come to terms with the crash, one thing is for sure this little winner is not easily knocked off his dream to drive F1.

I don't think we need to be concerned about if Dom will be a champion of the future in KARTING but more concerned with when he will be.he has had some really good sessions of late and we are now gearing up for Febuary 2012 which will mark the start of Dom's racing career. Dame bradbury's school in Saffron Walden have been fantastic and are helping with precious time of school so Dom can practice.

We are testing engines at the moment Dom has his Arks test in December at PFI while the weather is still ok Dom has a track he can use at fulbeck. Every tuesday until the weather breaks. The team at Mick Barrett racing are there
helping. The first week we took 10 seconds of his lap time from start to finnish.

We have now decided on an engine builder Steve Ogedon, we are buying wheels and tyres spares now to spread the cost over a few months.
This is now getting serious we are near nearly ready and the team has seen a real commitment from Dom not only on the track but in the race teams tent, he is helping the mechanics learnig about the Kart and what changes effect the Kart.

Go Dom you little winner