Dom has now reached 279 points in the British Championships with 1 round to go. A great first year in superone and he has learnt so much already. The Super One Series has given Dominic the chance to associate with the top drivers in the country and learn how to win at top level. it has been the best thing we have done this year by far. He has used this year as a learning year but not only has he made massive improvements he has also raised a wapping £2306.00 for the children's ward at Addenbrooks Hospital. He has been sponsored by school mates family members and neighbours businesses. We are now in the process of collecting his sponsorship arranging a date to present the cheque to the ward. East Anglia Tv have shown an interest in covering this story so we will of course be looking to arrange a suitable time for the cheque presentation to be made.

Dom has done better than we expected this year making 2 televised finals with one round to go he may even acheive a 50% record. This is a massive achievement as we were all hoping one A final would be great.

Addenbrooks Childrens ward looked after Dom when he was younger and this is a great way of paying them back.
Well done Dominic