The Chassis was ready for Thursday. Luke wanted to spend a day with Dominic to see how he would take to the new chassis. We all went to Tilbury.  Dom was in his tony Kart the Sunday before and was really on it, the weather was almost the same as on the Sunday.
I wanted to see the difference for myself, so I made sure we put the same sprocket on as we had on Sunday. Dom's first session out he done a 37.8 just 4 tenths of his personal best. Luke Hines was really happy with Dom and spoke to him about getting a couple of tenths off and explained how he felt Dom could achieve it. Dom went out, done exactly what Luke told him and was able to beat his personal best by doing a 37.2.

After loads of praise from Luke, he said to Dom that he thought that he could knock of another 2 tenths, again showed Dom how to do it.Out he went a clocked a 36.8. Loads and Loads of praise came from Luke he made Dom feel like a superstar. Again another 2 tenths were spoken about and Dom went out and clocked a 36.1. He ended up with a personnel best of 35.6 seconds almost 2 seconds faster on a track that 36.5 is a great time. However there were no other karts on the track just Dom and we all know Dom can be quick without other karts on the track.

Now some of that was the chassis some was to do with how the Zip chassis gave Dom more confidence, and last but certainly not least was the coaching from Luke Hines.

Luke explained to Dominic that he was a natural driver and that if Dominic could get a little more confidence when racing he could be a champion. He explained to Dom that it would not happen over night but that he would work with Dom to help him gain the confidence by understanding that a major part of racing is track position. Luke understands that Dom is a little wary of other drivers since he had that incident at PFI. He had been on the track with Dom and noticed that he backed off at times when he had track position because Dom was worried about a collision. He explained to Dom about track position and how if you are in the correct position that it will be the other Kart that spins off if they collide. He explained to Dom that he was watching his tyres and lukes tyres more and that he believed that he would be able to help Dom with knowing how large the kart was.

A great days testing, we are out at whilton mill on wednesday with the team and Luke said that if Dom drives like he did Thursaday he will win the novice race hands down at the weekend so we have entered him in the race next weekend.