Well what can I say apart from so glad we decided to run with Eclipse, Ollie, Peter and the team are doing a great Job. I would have been lost out there as so much to do at these events. Dominic is really improving but still not confident enough to battle in the race and post finishing places that match his actual pace. 

As a whole Dominic had a good weekend with Lap times that should have seen him up in the top 10 to 15 drivers. Now that would have been special if Dom just raced, but he still suffers from pre race nerves and confidence, once the race settles down he then digs in and shows us what he is capable of, considering that he is the least experienced driver and youngest in the field we can not expect to much this first season. But he will grow out of this and when that happens he will turns some heads and have other teams scratching their heads for answers. In one heat and remember he has only been to this track twice before, he was faster than over half the grid just 1 tenth of this rounds winner Oliver York.

So we know he has the pace to actually compete now at the front but not the racing savvy or confidence. Most of his times set, were on his own, as he falls so far behind at the start through not attacking the first corner that he gets no toe from any drivers at all, so if he can do that on his own just think what he can do up the front. 

There is a lot of excitement in the team with Mathew Graham featuring as one of the weekend stars, he qualified second in timed qualifying but was excluded for a small component that has nothing to do with performance. I suppose rules are rules and that is what makes this class special. So off the back he came through the heats to take 4th on the grid for the Final.  Mathew had been the fastest in all the heats and shook up the whole paddock, worrying times for bigger teams like Fusion. The final came and Mathew was of 4th with team mate Alex Mcdade just behind, what seemed to be team tactics from the obviously concerned Fusion Team front runners saw Mathew getting backed up on the rolling start making it difficult for him to get a good start, both Alex and Mathew Finished in the top 10. The team have some new things they will be testing next weekend and with a bit of luck they will be even faster next round. Other Team mates like Ollie Caldwell and Anderson Chilcott all finished the Final Dominic did not make it into the A finals and has to settle with a disappointing 36th out of 40 but watch this space when he clicks hopefully soon he will be up there with them.