What a great weekend from Friday through to Sunday. Dom was really quick compared to the field on Friday testing putting in a personal best of a 1.06.90 which made him the fastest in that session by 2 tenths. Of course we know that one fast lap does not win races, but we and more importantly Dom realises that he can be at this level. When he improves his starts and learns to get on the times quicker he we be up there.
Saturday he was in the first group for qualifying and to be honest being the youngest and most in-experienced driver in the field showed through, with everyone backing off and waiting swapping around he only got one flying lap in which saw Dom qualifying just 28 fastest out of the 38 strong field, although in the morning test he was 7th fastest. This looks good for next year and the year after.

The heats, well he had a great start in heat one but was loaded and taken out into the first corner which put him dead last, he fought back from almost half a lap down and overtook 4 karts by the end of the race was a great drive from Dom.
The second heat he was a bit more cautious at the start went second from last drove well in the race but finished towards the back. These results put Dom in the B final starting 6th on the grid.

"That was one of the best races I have seen for ages I just wanted to come and Shake your Hand Dominic and tell you that maybe one day we will see you with us at Red Bull."

That some's it up really that not only did Steve from the Red Bull Associated Young Racing Drivers Academy feel the need to express his praise but almost every top driver in the class and fathers and other team bosses. The race was so exciting as only the top 4 go through to the back of the main Final.

Dom was fully aware that he had his work cut out but was confident he would get through, he knew he needed a good start but after the first corner he was dead last. My god I thought that's it I felt so sorry for him after such a good weekend he deserved to get into the main final. Then we witnessed some fantastic driving Dom overtook one with a gutsy move then the next one and so on. he then got his head down and worked hard on his own to catch up with the group battling for 3rd and 4th as Lewis Thompson and Jack Armstrong had first and second wrapped up as the trailing group were battling.
Dom Got his self up to 6th and after a fantastic overtake on Luca Molinari got his self up to 5th Behind and right on the bumper of Brandon Martland and Lucas Nennitti.They started to pull away from Luca in 6th with a couple of half attempts with one lap to go Dom was still in 5th. Then Brandon Defended Down the straight Dom pulled out behind and remarkably pushed Brandon past lucas upto 4th then at the end of the straight threw his kart up the inside on the fastest part of the track, he was threw to third the whole crowd were cheering you could hear cheers all the way around the circuit, i think because they could not believe what he had just done. he came through to 3rd and pulled a gap to take the chequered flag without having to defend. What a drive Dom one I think you will always remember.

The final.
who cares after that, Dom was so knackered after that race he had the pre final straight after the drivers parade were all his friends bundled him to the ground to congratulate him on his drive , this was started by Joe Turney he was on such a high as everyone was patting him on the back. In the pre Final he was starting in 29th and drove well to get through to 26th but could have done better if he did'nt spend the race fighting for one position with his team mate.

the main Final Dom was again like an overtaking machine but with 4 laps to go he looked slumped in the kart with out a doubt knackered from all the adrenaline and the long hard weekend. he finally finished 25th after giving back a couple of places towards the end of the race.

All in all a great weekend for his confidence, and a lot learnt about himself, I think that since we have become realistic parents i.e do not think our son is better than he is, he has responded and is now showing signs that he may trully be a British Champion contender in the future. In any case he is starting to really want it now and each overtake and each good start and every little victory no matter how small is making a big difference to this 9 year old speed lover.

Proud of you Dom really proud.