Dom worked very hard with Peter Budd and the Fusion team on the Friday, Peter and I was going to Run Dom on our own as normal at Superone. But Dan and Neil at Fusion had a Long chat with us and to be honest it made sense for us to run with Fusion again. Peter has really been fantastic and again goes to prove that he cares about his drivers. Peter felt that running with fusion would be the best thing for Dom, as he would have both Dan and Neil and of course Peter to coach and help Dom.  To some it may look like Peter is now just Dom,s mechanic, not so. The team at fusion are fully aware how well Peter and Dom work together and it is better for Peter at the moment to take Dom to the grid to help Dom where he needs it most, this way Dom has the plan fresh in his mind before the race. Data and camera is done by all 3 of them and track walks etc again Peter and Dan do that for Dom. The truth of the matter is that he is a very lucky boy to have all of these working together to help Dom, I do not believe there is another driver on the grid with this much support.

The Fusion team were in a different league to the rest of the paddock all weekend and both myself and Peter can see why.
Anyway back to Dom again come saturday he was back on the pace he qualified around 15th but drove his self backwards in the 2 heats again because of the starts. he started 20th on the grid for the final 1 and finished around the same after going to the back again. The final 2 he was 20th but oiled up at the start, he got it going then drove fantastic and got back to 18th so some really good points but the confidenc at the starts again left him in a worse position than his skill deserves.