Since this was the first time we had been there in a year, Dom returned to the track on Friday in good form and was posting really good times in practice around 4 tenths of johnny Edgar who is a master on that track.

On Saturday again he was a different boy and you could see he was not in the right frame of mind again. Not really making any real assertive moves and not driving as the day before. 

because of that he ended up on pole for the repercharge finished second to Harry platten and was through to the A final.
In Final 1 he drove ok but again not as good off the start and finally when he got past the driver that seems to rattle his cage a bit, he really put in a good time posting the 12th fastest lap out of the 30 strong field.  What is obvious is that the track was really wet and to put times in like that was easy to prove to Dom that he belongs in this level of karting even at his tender age and experience especially since this time was done coming through traffic not out in front with a push. He finished 23rd which is were he started for the main final.

After a long team talk with Dom he went of to the grid, he had a fantastic start but just after the chicane a few karts spun a bit of bad luck for Dom as he was forced onto the grass, he got back on almost straight away but you could see straight away the difference in his body language he was fantastic for the final and battled and overtook at least 11 karts from after being forced onto the grass. He was pretty quick and when we watched the camera back most of his speed was due to just out braking and getting on the power early, he was a little unlucky but in all honesty something massive was overcome by Dom in that particular Final lets just hope he takes that with him into the next round.
Finnished 19th over all.