with super one approaching Dom is now stepping up his karting activities with CYG testing next week, he has never been there before this will be the last chance he has to practice before the Super One round. Then he will leave CYG on thursday next week and travel up to Cumbria again at Rowrath a track he has never been to before. he will be going with the eclipse team as myself and Lisa have family commitments.He will be up there on his own with Jack and Ollie for the club meeting which again is the last chance before the super one round next month.
He has been testing, the kit seems very good he has been working hard on his starts and confidence on race days, dealing with his nerves that have stopped Dom from showing everyone what he really is capable of.
This year is his rookie year and we are hoping he really gives it a good go. With the little Green Man Championship around the corner we are arranging hotels and transport etc. This is not a small thing and really is almost a full time Job for all involved. It would be lovely to be in Dom's shoes he just turns up and drives around the track, Bless Him!!!!!