We are always looking for Partners for Dominic to help with his racing career. We are very excited next year about some of the associates we have on board.

Sponsorship is not dead money it is a way to promote your company. Yes the truth is that although we know that National Karting is not a very wide followed sport it is however well known that most if not all the best drivers in the top level of motor sport started in Karting. To be the best in cadet you need to be really good. Cadet classes have pretty much the biggest grids followed by the junior classes.Simply because it is more affordable for the average parent, after that as the stage gets bigger so does the costs.

We are in for the long hall and Dominic has his sights set on becoming a professional racing driver, he would love to go F1 as most would but we wont simply be able to do that on our own.

Sponsorship for Dominic in 2014 can be broken down to each race, for instance you could partner Dom for Just one race like the kartmasters GP which is of course televised or the first round of super one at shennington which is also televised and so on. 

Well what can we do for you, well our current Partners have gained business and exposure through Local TV networks coverage of Dominic's many promotional activities, online coverage, have been linked through Dominic through his social networking sites and of course his website which is very highly rated in the google search engine. By simply adding your link to your site you will start to notice an increase in traffic to your own site.

Supporting young future stars is a great way to build a business relationship for life and in the event that Dominic does have a top career in his chosen sport the early partners will gain from an increased exposure due to the rights we will offer you from your much needed help now.