Dominic Bush is a young motor racing hopeful, already competing at the highest level in his age group Dominic knows just how much potential partners and sponsors can help him to reach the ultimate goal of formula one. Sponsorship is important for all sports activities but more so in Motor Racing. Motor racing is a very appealing way for large organisations to get there name out and in the public eye. But normally companies wait until the drivers are successful before they draw up the paperwork. With teams giving seats away for cash top drivers can take their sponsors money and buy their way into the big stage.
How much would it cost to sponsor Lewis Hamiltons Helmet for a season, I would imagine that prime location would be in the millions. Let just say that a potential partner sponsored Lewis from his early karting days and a deal was struck that the sponsors would have the rights to maintain that prime location when he was famous. That advertising space would have been purchase at a fraction of the cost more than that the partner would always of been known as the company that helped Lewis from the early days.
This is exactly the type of Partners we are looking for with Dominic. Dominic has a real chance to make it as a driver at the top level but will only get there with the help of partners and sponsors. We are always looking to promote Dominic and are confident that we will achieve the level of advertising partners to take Dom to F1. Take a look at some of the benefits in getting involved at grass roots. I think the main point is that the Karting arena is now the stepping stone to greater things, those drivers determined and focused that have the talent are a massive opportunity for Organisations to partner up with in the hope that they will go on to achieve great heights like Lewis did.

Every parent including us are holding on to the dream, that their child maybe the next Lewis Hamilton. What happened to Lewis I fear will not happen again, although yes the next world champion in F1 will most likely come from the Karting stage, it will be from drivers who's parents own half the planet and not based on the fact that the driver is something special like Lewis was.
So potential partners with Funds are the way forward, and we are really looking at packages now to attract those grass route pioneers. Dominic will have to do his part on the track and off the track, he is already this season using his talents to raise money for a good cause , this will be covered by local television News channels and papers. making his current partners very happy as it shows that if we all put our heads together everyone benefits. The Sport, the Sponsors and Partners, the media the charity.