Well what a great weekend to finish the British Championships on, with Dom scoring the highest points to date in the weather conditions that Dom has struggled with all year. Goes to show just how much he has come on. 

Time Qualifying Saturday, what a qualifying session from little Dom, the youngest competitor in the championship turned more than a few heads when he put in a 9th fastest qualifying time out of the 38 strong field. Now thats the way to do it Dom he used his head made sure he got himself in the right place on the track and just again showed that he is quick and after some work that needs to be done on his racing through the winter,  next year he could turn that speed into results if he does, then he could be knocking on the door for next year. 

In the heats he was starting way up the grid to what we have been used to starting in 6th, a couple of bad starts saw Dom slip back to finish 17th and 14th in the 2 heats. These finishes were good enough to put him straight into the A final in 22nd place. How fantastic we had a goal to make one A final by the end of the season. Dom has made 3 A finals out of the 6 rounds what an achievement for his first year

With the season now over and around 15 drivers now to old to compete he has already moved up the pecking order without doing anything. Roll on next year Dom what a driver he is starting to turn into making us all really proud.

well done Dom