Dominic bush was at bayford meadows today in the bambino race, there was only four entries and Dom won another silver missing out on gold buy just 3.5 seconds over 6 laps. However Dominic did not seem very interested in racing the bambino and when asked he said he preffers the cadet. I think he clearly has finnished his career in the bambino class. 
So after a group meeting a decission has been made to no longer race the bambino,Mick barrett advised me that going from a fast kart, like the cadet, back to a slower kart does sometimes have that effect on youg drivers. So Dominic as of today has retired from racing bambino's. He won 2 silvers in 2 races at tracks he had never driven around before, we know that if they run bambino class around rye house or pf or tilbury he would have won gold's in flying colours. He had no real motivation to race the bambino, so he done really good to acheive the 2 silvers.

So going forward it is cadet cadet and only cadet. those of you who was hoping to see him race next month will now have to wait until he is 8 before you can see him race for real. our job is to get Dominic up to speed in the cadet, we have a plan and it starts tomorrow, jessica is going to go round and let Dominic follow her at buttons tomorrow, she will start laping at 61 seconds a lap and take it down to 59 to see if dom stays with her.It is all about the lines and breaking correctly.
Dominic has a one to one lesson on thursday with terrence who is going to work on his breaking into corners, he has 8 months to get up to speed but because of the winter really only 5.

Go Dom