Mick Barret had a little treat for Dom tonight at Buttons Club at PFinternational, he had asked the guys at Maclaren if Jenson would sign a photo for Dom to which Jenson Kindly did. It was something out of the blue for Dominic and has really made his day, a personlised signed photo of his favourite F1 driver. Maybe he may get a chance to meet Jenson but of course  until then, the picture will be one of his prize possesion, after of course his Tony kart. Thanks Mick for arranging it and thanks to Jenson Button for giving a little boy the biggest smile ever.

I know that Mick has a good relationship with the Maclaren F1 team so thanks to all on the maclaren team that sorted it out for Dom it is very much appreciated. We know it is a very busy time at the team at present.