Again not much to shut about here, on saturday testing we watched whilst in the dry he was the 3rd quickest on the track.
Then Sunday race day first heat from the grid position of 29 he made up 10 places. That is all we can shut about, the rain came down and little Dom was over a second of the top runners he went from 4th on the grid to 20th he lost all his positions at turn 3.

Third heat the same from 13th to last by turn 3, managed to claw back some places but pretty poor with signs of lack of confidence coming through.

the final was my thought it was raining then dry then raining starting 24th in the final left me no choice but to gamble and but Dom on wets. With the majority on slicks and only a few other drivers on wets we were doing a rain dance. the rain never came until the race was over when it bucketed down. Oh well 3 minutes earlier would have seen him take a not deserved win