Dom, made a massive step forward last weekend at shenny. Ollie made him go off the front in testing rather than at the back. He done his personal best a 52.66 and was not so worried about the karts behind. I think he realised that he is not that slow.
The racing skills Dom showed were not good, he had been around a second or so a lap quicker than any other novice out there, but finnished last out of the novices. He let himself down, although yes when he settled into the race he showed good fast times and driving, he backed off every time he had a chance to overtake. The first two heats Dom found himself at the back of the grid after the rolling start. From there because of the amount of Karts infront of him all bunching up he hangs back thinking that there will be an incident. When it calms down and starts to spread out he then decides to start his race. He then is to far behind, although yes catches the back runners up he fails to overtake, apart from the novices that were behind him on the dummy grid, so he only gets his original place back or loses one place when he gets caught behind the slower novices.
We explained this to him and to his credit on the third heat, he went for it at the start, he even got infront of team mate Owen Marlow. he battled and was nicely pulling away from the novices and back runners as he was around mid pack. Unfortunately he was punted off at the top corner, he returned to the track dead last, with the eventual winner of the novice race around half a lap in front. He caught him up at an outstanding rate after 4 laps he had him in his sights. No hesitation straight past to take him just before the checkered flag. 
Again showing how fast he is but how bad he is at race kraft. Dom needs to start to realise that he will have to get involved a bit more if he wants to win.
In the B final, Dom out of 8 kids was the 3rd fastest he only needed a good start and he would have made the A final.
Out of the Dummy grid with just one novice infront, they all speeded off there was no real formation lap as it should be. The number 48 novice kart pushed past almost every kart apart from 2 and was way up the grid before the race started.
Dom found himself at the back as the 20 kart done the same none of the novices held there positions apart from Dom.
The race started and with hardly any formation Dom was miles behind. He did start his race at the line this time but was so far behind because of the jumped start of the other Karts. He drove really well and caught them up but did not get passed.
The Number 48 Novice somehow came 2nd.
The A final was not good for the team Owen DNF from 3rd on the grid Leo got Punted off but drove fantastic to get back a lot of places. Cayden had his carb go down and Josh had a problem with power as well. Surprisingly the number 48 novice done the same in the A final and won the novice race. The stewards on this occassion did see the infringement and put him to the back. Leaving number 32 who drove good all weekend to collect the Novice tittle well deserved and race well.
Dom knows he was quicker than the number 32 but lost because of his racing ability no point being quick if you dont try and win the race.