Looking ahead for next year we decided to do a test weekend with Fusion. It is funny that before we went into the awning
we had only the rumours or opinions of others in the paddock. it was nothing like that and to be honest I felt really at home in the awning. Considering that they do not know if it is a one off or we will join the team full time they seemed to be totally transparent. Because Peter is Dom's driver coach I was also amazed out how Dan and Neil had no ego's and worked with Peter to help Dom. I suppose if you have won as much as they have it can make you humble. It also goes to show just how good Peter Budd is because part of the decision to try Fusion was Peters idea, he new that he would have to back away a bit and let Dan and Neil go to work and for that I thank him as he really wants the best for his drivers, hopefully between them all they can help get Dom to the front where his pace suggests he should be.

The team including drivers, parents and  mechanics all made Dom feel welcome and that to me showed how good that team is.The Parents just let the team work with the kids and pretty much relax most of the day. I'm not going to go into detail bu I will say that the attention to detail is fantastic, the team are not miracle workers but they consistently have showed that they know how to win.  

Once myself and Peter get time to review the weekend we will then make a decision on the way forward, of course one weekend is not enough to decide and it was only a club meeting so not quite the same as a superone round.The main thing is that we found that both Neil and Dan are only interested in developing the drivers and that each driver is treated equal. That they really want to win and spent most of the time with Dom trying to get to know him, luckily they have Peter who knows Dom as well as I do and Very quickly Dan realised that and made sure that he and Peter worked together.

Dom finnished in 13 place which under the circumstances was pretty good he had good pace all weekend but did not quite follow the instructions he was given especially at the starts, in most heats he went almost to the back then overtook like crazy, bless him when will he understand that he can make the most places up at the start, anyway I am sure he was a liitle bit nervous in Fusion for the first time.