We had 4 team members at rye house kart circuit this weekend 8 year old Leonardo 8 year old Cayden and 8 year old Dominic, we also had Jake who is 10 years old. The whole team were fantastic and on race day were up against veteran driver and winner Taylor Bellini he won last years championship we were also against Veteran driver Luc Oliver who is 12 years old and Jordan Timberlake I do not believe any relation to Justin. At the start of testing on Saturday Dominic had the early pace almost 6 tenths faster than anyone. Towards the end Luc Oliver had shown his speed and set a faster time than Dominic by just 2 tenths of a second. Leonardo and Jake were just behind Dominic by a few tenths as well. Not alot in it at all. Dominic has shown that he is now getting close to the race pace my worries were his lack of racing experience especially in his starts, we know he has got the pace but racing is different.
Sunday time trials went well with only a few tenths seperating 1st to 7th Dominic qualified 5th on the grid behind team mate Leonardo who was in fourth. On the first heat Dom needed a good start but failed to do so letting Cayden Jake and Elliot number 23 through. He took back Elliot and caught up with Cayden and Jake. Jake was not letting his place be taken easy and neither Cayden or Dom could get past. This allowed the front runners to get away.The last heat was pretty much the same and Dom started 7th on the grid for the final.
The final was a great race and the battle for 3rd was really good between Cayden, Leo, Dom and Jake from the Allstars Team And Jordan Timberlake.they were all really close Luc oliver and Taylor were just infront fighting for 1st place it eventually ended up Taylor Bellini taking 1st place, then Luc Oliver, Jordan, Jake Leonardo, Dominic, Cayden.But there was nothing between them. Very clean racing and the Allstars team are looking good for the London Cup. Dominic had a few family come over to watch him race His nan who refused in the past to watch him Grandad Tony and great uncle Mike. they all enjoyed the racing and took loads of photos of Dominic and the Team. Luke Hines was really pleased of course a top 3 would have been better but all the drivers were great.We had some decissions to make for the final regarding tyre pressures and sprocket size etc, Dom showed how fast he was around the 2 hair pins so we gambled with a low sprocket others like Cayden and leonardo were on larger sprockets so the team managed to accumalate some vital information for the coming races.it was nice as we started to work like a team and that I know is what Luke Hines is aiming for.