Dominic went to cadet club at rye house last night, Again he was excellent. I had set his kart up with a 94 sprocket and he was flying.He had a couple of problem corners, but has mastered the hair pin, working it out for him self. He has trouble with the second tight right hander you can see the Kart losing speed sometimes if he turns in to early. It would be best to let him work that corner out for himself as well. You can see him breaking well in the right places, so that time with Terrence is paying off. He was taking the corner leading to the long straight fantastic so that is work that steve done with him, again paying off. All in all a great job, he looks really smooth and has no problem giving it full throttle.

It was very busy there and I would say last night there were around 35 Karts on the track, Dom came in and was easily 3rd fastest on the day.
Again I had to explain to him that the other 2 karts were Honda cadets so the track suites them better, also that if he looks at the karts they were driving none of them had any lead on them. Again explaining to him the benefits of practicing at the correct racing weight. It is difficult because he wants to compete with them when he goes practice, He would probably take 8 seconds a lap of his time without the lead if he was to drive as he did last night. That would have made him 3 seconds faster than any of them. But that is not the right way to prepare him for next year, the correct way is what we are doing, we know this because we have been advised by Mick Barrett. Dom was about 5 seconds off the fastest kart, the driver had no lead and was about Doms size, maybe half a stone heavier. The other boy was about 2 seconds faster again with no lead and was about a stone and a bit heavier. So I would say that for every 3 kilos it is worth between 2-3 seconds a lap there. Dom has 17 kilos of lead so roughly making him between 8 and 11 seconds slower than without lead, a big difference. They are only small engines so the more weight the harder it is to get the kart moving. This is noticeable when Dom was going around the tight right hander, the other boys just pulled away easily, some of that was down to Dom's lines and better lines from the other cadets and some to the weight.

The really good thing here is that Dom is learning to get the maximum speed out of the kart by driving it smooth, not the power to weight ratio,i.e the power compensating for not such good lines with less weight he can drive worst lines but the less drag will allow the Kart to pick up quick as if he did drive the lines correct.This is very important because of his determination to win, he will as he has already shown work out how to keep and carry the speed to keep up with the faster or less weighted cadets. if then he is up to or close to there speed with such a difference in weight, then when it comes to next year when all the karts must finnish the race no less than total weight of 99 kilos that 8 seconds or so will be apparent, it will be a shame for the cadets who are not practicing with the weight and look good now, but they will be scratching their heads as to why Dom is quicker by so much in a real race situation the answer will be simple Dom has learnt to carry the speed around the corners and keep the kart flowing with the weight, also as he gets bigger himself the kart will start to feel lighter as we take off the lead to compensate his weight gain, this will be less tiring for him especially on the steering, so this extra weight also has another benefit it is building his muscles up in the correct places and will give him alot more stamina compared with those boys that did not practice with the lead. 

Still 8 months of work ahead, he will only get quicker and smoother over that time. I am starting to understand why all these experts are saying great things about him. What I need to do as a father is keep him motivated and make sure he enjoys it still, no one likes to keep being beat so with the weight issue I need to get him to fully understand so he looks at next years bigger picture rather than the situation at present.