The good news is that we have been given a great engine to use by Ricky Grice. This has given Dom an engine nearly as good as what we have. Which means his lap times will not be that far away as they were before when testing. This you could see at Rissington last weekend. Dom started and drove well all weekend apart from one session, Could have done better in the heats but was starting from the outside in every heat, that is not easy at rissi. So a 7th place for Dom but could have been better since he was battling with the eventual winner. Very close and tough racing will be a difficult season for sure as most of the drivers are year 9 and 10 at school and Dom is only year 7. So again the youngest in the field but we have never been glory hunters. Dom still has to make better decisions when racing but I feel made a massive step forward this weekend. He is starting to believe he can win in this class at this level. So keep him driving ready for next superone at the end of the month.