With the London Cup and Brazilian Cup fast approaching we will be stepping up the practice and training for Dominic.
The London Cup is held at Rye house this September with only 2 more club meetings before the big weekend. With practice on the friday racing on the saturday and the Sunday there will be loads of opportunity for anyone to come and see Dominic race. Please understand that this year would be just a taking part attitude of course he wants to win but with drivers from formula kart stars and super one competing the honest truth would be no chance, but a top ten is possible.
To make the top ten Dominic will need to do testing at rye a lot. We took Dom cadet club last night but it was so busy he hit traffic every where. So some testing during the week will be needed. With the school holidays coming up this will be easy and we will probably go twice a week leading up to the big race. Armed with the data from Dom's kart we can pin point the arears on the track that dominic can improve.
The Brazilian cup is at whilton mill and again is testing friday racing saturday and sunday, it is alot further to travel again with the top drivers in the country on the grid we have to be realistic about Dom's results. He is getting closer to the ultimate times set by the veteren drivers but lack of race experience cancels that out a bit. As we have always said Dominic is one of a few in his age group in the country who are looking good for future races. Another year of competing at the top level is required and the only way to gain the experience is to put him in these races.

We will not be telling Dom how big these races are as we do not want to add any pressure to him, he raced ok at the east Anglian trophy last month with great times. The simulator work he done at silverstone did help him alot I will be speaking with Luke to see if he thinks we should do another session on the kart sim. This weekend is a club meeting at rye and 4 team members are entered in the race. We are expecting larger grids leading up to the london cup so another podium this weekend would be fantastic. Fingers crossed