What a joke this weekend was, what a complete waste of time and what a useless waste of speed and talent by Dom and his lake of Commitment to get stuck in due to nerves.

I would say on a driving point of veiw Dom was in a different league, on the Saturday test, he alongside Teddy Wilson and John Edgar Dom was the fastest on the track. He like most was on his best kit but his driving was top class. he was smooth late on the braking and fast on the power, he caught and overtook like a superstar. When you looked at the video he was taking four car lengths out of this years favourite Tom Wood on the brakes. Of course we knew we had power as DB1 is a Top engine but we could see that most of the speed was coming from the driver. What a high we finished on after Saturday testing. I would even go as bold to say that he could of won on Sunday if he drove like that.

What we witnessed on the Sunday was a completely scared little boy. He had the same kit on his kart same fuel same tyres same set up as the day before we changed nothing at all. But the driver did not turn up well Dom was there but the driver we had the day before had gone not even a glimmer of the guy. His 3 lap practise was shocking no commitment at all he even backed off to let Rufus Go through. On the first heat was starting 15th on grid backed off at start went to outside got taken out came out in last place and was a second a lap of his pace from the day before. Looked like we had a power issue. We checked it all and nothing was wrong just the driver's lack of commitment. Second heat was the same with Dom backing of again coming last out of the first corner and again miles of his pace the day before.

We again checked the kit questioned if it was that but the kit does not make a driver back of at the start. So as the title says Potential Minus Commitment Equals Nothing, that's what Dom got 6th place start in the B final. What a joke how can you go from superstar to that in 24 hours. Anyway on the start of the b final away he went a good start made his way up to the front and with Marlow being told to push and not Dom used his brain and did not fight until the last lap. He made a superstar passing move and won the B Final. he was just 2 tenths of the pace he done on the Day before. So that proved we were not lacking power. What we were lacking was again evident in the A final.

Again he had just finnished infront of the 3 behind him and was quicker than 15 or so infront of him but the lack of Commitment came back again. He backed off on the rolling lap let the 2nd 3rd and 4th place B final drivers through came over the line 5 kart lengths gap between him and them. And drove half a second slower than he did in the B final. What a joke

One good thing came out of the weekend and one good thing that was high lighted as we were packing up. The engines had had to go back to Ricky Grice as he had been trapping the piston rings without our knowledge. We needed 2 new pistons and in our top engine he had to check buy taking the ring out. All good now and I stood over them why this was all being done. The engines were put in the boxes but I never put them back in correct boxes. Jack was told to put DB1 on so he took it out of the box none of us checked the engine numbers. When we packed up I told jack to put them in the right boxes we found out that we had run our worst engine all weekend, it was on the saturday as well as the sunday. if Dom could do those times on that engine we knoiw the top engine has 3 tenths on that engine unless that one has come on. we shall compare next weekend.
The point here is that his driving gave him the speed not the engine, it was his driving that made him slower all because he is not committed to win. Can we do a good job as a team well apart from the mess up with putting the wrong engine on I think we can. But one thing is for sure no matter what engine we bolted on it would have made no difference what so ever to his results in the heats and the finals if he does not commit to the racing what is the point so you may find that the engines will be up for sale if the driver wants to waste his potential in the coming races by being to scared at the starts.

Dom seriously we thought we had got past this sort it and sort it quick or find a knitting club instead.