Well he done it, he broke the magic 1 minute at PF. I have been told that it is such a mile stone that some kids are taking 8 to 10 months to achieve. Dom done it in less than 3 months so only 9 visits to the track.

He's time was 58.64, well under 60 seconds. well done mate proud of you he went back up to 59.4 then 60.02 but he was tired. Not surprised he done loads of laps.
The question now is how hard do we push, I will be posting this on his Forum for some replies, I think that it is a bit unfair to say to Dom, well done mate, but lets go quicker, he is just seven years old and although some kids at 8 are already doing 54 and 55 seconds a lap, I must say there is a lot of difference mentally between 8 years old and seven. A seven year old surely can not focus for as long as an 8 year old, plus these kids have been in their karts longer than Dom has, You can see that when 10 year old kids who have just started and not done as many laps as Dom they are miles behind his pace.

If he wants to race for Mick Barret's team next year he will need to get down by 5 seconds or so. Is it to much to ask. I feel like i'm putting him under so much pressure, at the end of the day he is a child and this has to remain fun for the moment.
If he doesn't race for the team next year he might be ready the following year when he is nine.He can still race but at club meetings not at the top level. He may get there during next years season then maybe he can race in the big events later in the year.

Dominic loves racing and driving he wants to race at the highest level, but I do not want this to happen at the expense of his childhood. He still needs to be a 7 year old, just one that goes 55mph round a track 1 inch off the floor.

Dominic you make me proud all the time, but I will not let this become a chore for you, it has to be fun I know you are always doing your best Lap times are not everything mate.