Dom went to buttons tonight, we have had problems with the kart so Mick Barrett and team came to see what was going on,we ended up changing the carb and the Kart was flying. Lots of more experienced and older kids there. But dominic did fantastic.
It was funny when he went out for his first ever rolling start. Mick had told Dom that if he wanted him to stay late then he would need to atleast overtake one kart. Off they went,now a rolling start is all the karts on the grid stay in formation for one lap and then start racing when they cross the start finnish line. Oh not dom, straight out the pitts weaves in and out of every kart to take the lead . Everyone was saying whats he doing, I suspect Dom must have thought these are crap look at me go.
He came in with a smug grin and said "I won mick, I overtook them all" . It was difficult to get him to understand what really happened so we just all ended up agreeing with him. Just goes to show at age 7 he will do what ever it takes to win.

The second rolling start after everyone at the track had explained to him what to do, was alot different. But he done great and did actually win after starting from the back. that however was the race for the slower or lets say less experienced drivers.

He then went out with 14 kids on the grid which was both the slower group and the fastest group combined. Because of his inexperience they started him last again. He went round the rolling lap in formation they came down the straight past the Start finnish line , and off they went, zig zagging to and throw to the first corner at speeds over 50 mph. Dom came out 3 karts infront, after some great driving he came in 4th. How good was that for first time, he was so pleased with himself and the Kart.

I must say that the buttons club at PFI are fab and Gary who runs it should be awarded a medal for the way they prepare the kids for racing. Gary was super impressed with Dom and to be frank I can not imagine that he will be starting at the back from now on. fter tonights performance,I am pretty sure that he will be one of the fastest in a few weeks. I think when Dominic understands the quickest wat round the tight bends he will take a good 3 seconds of the lap. Thats not saying he does it completely wrong but he will get better and so will his times.
 well done Dom xxxx