With this weekend free from championships unless of course you were doing comer super one or the grass cutting class of cadet racing, we had decided to have a weekend off. 

Problem with that is what we going to do we don't know what you do at weekends any more, apart from runing up and down the country getting greasy staying in hotels and having the smell of two stroke fumes going up our noses.

So we decided last minute lets do PF club, thanks to Daniel we got a late entry and with the use of the Eclipse garage away we went.

Dom was a little off the pace on Saturday testing but we worked it out and he ended up having a great weekend yet again.
with a last place start for the first heat struggling to get through the traffic he managed a 18th finish. second heat he had a 2nd place start had a great first 3 laps but got caught behind Fraser Fenwick which let little Joseph Taylor the youngest in the field pull away, Dom eventually got caught by the pack but put in a stunning personal best of a 106.80 and finished 8th.

The 3rd heat Dom was starting 13th and again struggled to get by the mid pack although he was 3rd fastest on lap times in the heat before with eventual winner Albert Carter and Dexter Patterson beating his time by just  4 100's of a second. He finnished 18th again after losing 4 places on the last lap by inexperience and not defending the inside.

He earned a 13th grid position for the final, after a long chat with Dom and explaining that he needs to start overtaking more into the slower tighter hairpins he was set for the final. A good start from him would give him a chance of at least a top 5 out of the 25 strong grid. he had a reasonable start but stayed wide into the first hairpin allowing a chain of karts to take him up the inside. Again inexperience, he then got caught up in a accident that saw him go all the way to the back. 
with 4 laps in the 106's he battled overtaking on every part of the track some great moves into the hairpins he was up to 14th in no time, he then got himself up to the group battling for 6th to 10th place as the leaders by now had a whole straight advantage. He worked his way upto 6th and again lost 2 places back to 8th on the last lap.

A great drive in the final but Dad that's me forgot to attach his Transponder and the result does not count but just like a couple of years ago the whole world knew Jamie Caroline was British Champion everyone new Dom got 8th. It was only a club meeting so no damage but please don't tell Dom.