So after a up and down year Dominic managed to achieve a seeded number 9 in this years 2016 Super one British Mini Max championships. Dom was the youngest seeded driver of the season in his first year. So  excellent result to be fair.

When we started the year we did so with Tooley Motorsport. It looked fantastic during the winter but when the big meetings came and controlled tyres we just did not look like we had the same edge for some reason???????.So we joined Coles racing mid season. This of course made a massive difference and straight away we started looking like a seeded driver again. With good results and scoring good points. 

So on wards to next season a few club meetings before Christmas who knows what we will be facing as in not controlled tyres or fuel but to be honest we have never taken club meetings that serious as you never know who has softner on tyres or oxygen tabs in fuel. That is why we never take notice and to be fair history has taught us that the people winning at club level do not tend to do well at a controlled event like Superone, that is why they never seem to enter..

 Super one again in mini max and he will be trying to improve on number 9. Hopefully we will get a good idea of who may be a threat next year, we know Alex Lloyd will be at the top end as he was last year until he had a terrible crash, but more power to him and his parents he came back fighting fit and looking as good as ever. Of course Dom will have to go that extra mile if he is to beat Alex but anything is possible as I am sure He will try to prove.