Went to a new track near Cambridge, that we could have taken dominic after school for a couple of hours. But track was not that good they let  mini max and faster karts out at the same time as they did Cadets.
Dom was not very motivated to drive which is unlike him. He asked to go home after just one session on the track. We also had a problem with the carb on his Kart and think it is an air leak.

All in all a complete waste of a day, I explained to Dom after he wanted to go home that I was going to play golf today b ut because you wanted to go Karting I did not. That we were trying to help him with corners etc and he just didn't listen and was very un-interested. I asked him did he think that was fair giving up my day to help him with his Karting, When he clearly did not want to be there. He said that he just wanted to go home and he did not like the track. Fair enough I said but what happens when you race next year or when you drive F1 and you don't like the track you going to say to the team no I don;t think I will bother today.

He did not know what to say, I explained that in future do not take it for granted that I will run around and take you karting at the last minute. That If he just wants to drive a Kart for fun then not a problem we can get him a honda cadet and take him now and again. But certainly not the full on cadet he has now. I told him a story regarding potential minus commitment. A story that explains the early years of OJ simpson. He had so much potential but no commitment he would only do 20 press ups all the other kids done 50. potential minus commitment equals nothing. That he even at such a young age needs to be sure this is what he wants to do, I would support him in any decission and that no answer is wrong as long as it is waht he wants. I pointed out that this is the amount of practice he will need to do to become the best he can be. Would he be preparred to do that if not then lets just make it a fun time a get the Honda cadet and see what happens.

This may sound a little bit strong to some, but he has such a big dream that it just doesnt happen without some work. If he grasps this at this age he will understand why he is practicing when he may not really want to. I suppose it all depends on how big his dream is.