Last weeks meeting at GYG in Wales showed that our little driver is starting to think right on the track. The actual results were not that good if I am honest but Dominic was really getting involved with the pack. One heat showed Dom getting caught up in a crash after making up 6 spaces on the rolling start. He was pushing for 5th place when he was taken out by the kart behind which put him at the back. From there he was like a freight train nothing was getting in his way after a couple of perfect laps he was back on the pack. We then saw him take one after another to he made an error and lost 3of the 8 places he recovered.
So good news is that he is doing this at the highest level, it would be easy to put Dom in a club meeting of only a few drivers and let him win trophy after trophy. But what happens if after that we decided to put him on the big stage. Well he would soon learn that he is not as good as the club trophies suggest he was. I think better to put him in the big arena then take him to club meetings to show him just how much better the season has made him. Being around the best drivers in the country will only help pull him along, being the best at a club meeting means all you are doing is pulling drivers at the club level to your pace no real improvements would be made over the season.

So basically Dom is starting to learn that he has to fight for every point and position, that if he thinks correctly when racing he gets a much more positive outcome. Last week he qualified 27th out of 46 drivers which was pretty good for Dom especially since he had to use his head and back off waiting for a partner to work with. Lucas Manetti was the man and both Dom and him qualified pretty good considering the competition.

We are excited for Dominic now as we can really see a massive swing of confidence coming, as we said this year is a learning year and along some frustrating meetings we are starting to see the small glimmers of hope, he is with out a doubt improving everytime he goes out, his speed is good and he is getting to grips with the new tracks as well.