London Cup at rye house was a good weekend with the paddock full of teams and drivers.
In the Cadet Comer class we had 26 entries, which is fantastic for a track that is loaded with Honda Cadet most of the year
With plenty of spectators and of course the sky Tv cameras, Dominic was out to get noticed. In testing on the thursday and friday Dominic was just off the pace by a few tenths, But race day on Saturday and Sunday was not as good. We had some top drivers there Taylor bellini, Lewis Taylor, Sam Butcher, Owen Byatt to mention just a few, Time qualyfying Dom showed he can mix it with the best by hitting 13th on the grid just 2 tenths of 9th place. The heats were not so good I think Dom had worked his self up so much that he became really nervous and slipped backwards on each heat.
Sunday wa no different and Dom was more concerned than I had ever seen before, very nervous and very wary of crashing etc. We also had engine problems that left Dom in 25th place for the Final.
The Final was red flaged as a coming together of Dom's team mate Jake Severs and Owen Byatt left Owen out of his Kart and on the track, Owen seemed to be really hurt and ambulances were called.

good news that Owen was fine with some bruises etc. The race was ended with a less than good weekend for Dom and the team. The season now over we have come along way since we started. With 8 trophies in total the silver wear has been good. Dominic will be a year older next year with a years extra experience, with most of the top runners moving up in class Dominic will be no longer one of the youngest out there. This alone will help with his pre race nerves, which seem to cripple his lap times at the moment. with so much happening with the British Cadet classes for next year big decissions have to be made. Do we stay with Comer or move forward with the new IAME Gazelle engine.
The Allstars team who is the Zip Kart organisation have been the Uk main agent for Comer for 20 years or so. This was great as the Comer engine was the top engine class for Cadet, the MSA have now changed it to the IAME which J Mills Racing are the main distributor for, this means that the Zip team who make the fantastic Zip Lightning Chassis to which Dom Drives will not be competing in the Class so they have told me, which I can understand.

I however do not see the point in running the under card so to speak, that is why we started Dom in Comer not Honda or the othe other J Mills suplied Engine WTP. Simply because it was not th top British Class. If you are going to do this it may as well be in the Top Class. This will mean that Dom will not be backed by the team if we decide to go with the IAME, which will mean we will have to move teams or run him ourselves at those meetings. Of course we will still do some Comer next Year anyway regardless but if we decide to go with IAME that will have to be our Main focus.

We will keep you updated