After last weekend at PFI we had high hopes for Dominic in this round, he showed us all again that he is very quick, starting 33rd for the first heat finishing 20th then starting 17th on the second heat finishing 18th. He then was on pole for the 3rd heat with all top drivers breathing down his neck, after a great start he held 1st for the first lap then slipped back towards 10th, he battled well and pushed back up to 7th was overtaken by Teddy Wilson. Dom worked well with Teddy and pushed back to finish 5th.That was the best ever finish for Dominic at PFI and he put the 3rd fastest lap of the race in a great 107.06 fastest lap was by Herbie Grout a 106.96 so just on tenth off.

The final did not go well although it was great that Dom made it straight into the A final and was starting bang in the middle.he had a really bad start. You could see he was really disappointed with his start and looked to me to not even try to come back through the field. He drove lets say not at his best. After the final he explained he was gutted with his start and felt he was not in the right frame of mind, he felt that he was not helped by the team as he had been before and had gone to the grid with no goal. He was honest and felt that he let him self down.

What Dom needs to realise is that he is now starting to show how quick he is and that he is now starting to believe he is a top driver, that he is still young and will make mistakes.That he was again one of the youngest in the championship. That he has had 12 really good races and this one was a blip. Learn from it Dom and move on old chap you should be proud of yourself.