Dom was a lot more confident and aggressive at the starts hopefully he will move on from here and start to show what he is capable of in the coming months.

He had a really bad qualifying session again which he will need to work on. His time only got him in 24th. This made it difficult in the heats for him, as he was or seemed to be battling with the leaders of the honda cadet championships all weekend. To be honest it was ok but every time he overtook them they stayed in the toe and hacked it back on the next corner. they were swerving at him and generally not driving with their heads. It was clear that he was quicker and if they did work with Dom then they would have caught up with the pack infront. Does go to show the difference between top Iame drivers and top Honda cadet drivers. Based on this weekend they are miles of the pace and the 20 or so kids infront of them could all win the Honda championship thats for sure.

warm up on saturday put dom 11th in group an uncommon mistake under the bridge on that lap cost him 1st in group. The first final he started 23rd due to the hacking in the heats, he made it to 16th for the main final overtaking 5 on the last corner.

In the main final, well what a start best I have ever seen from him and within 2 laps he was in 9th and he was fast, if he had carried on I am sure he would have finished top 5. However a mistake from Dom not overtaking Finn under the bridge left him under attack from Joe Turney, a half hearted attempt by Lorcan up the inside clipped the rear of Doms kart and sent him spinning off. he got back on but was dead last with the rest exiting the second hair pin. He drove well in his own air and managed to get some places back from the back markers but that was the best he could do.

He did say afterwards that he dont care anymore and he certainly drove like that as well, maybe this is it i think no more Mr nice guy is on his mind he certainly has a few drivers in mind to practice on so he tells me.